An expert opinion

Isky Gordon | 19th June 2017 | Feature post

I had the opportunity recently to discuss My Living Will with a senior healthcare professional. She subsequently wrote to me in encouraging terms:

‘Given the sensitive and difficult nature of the concept, and how to engage people with it, I think the website is very well constructed, laid out, and the tone and language is pitched well. There is always a challenge with finding words that are of a reading level to be intelligible to all, yet allow complex information to be conveyed without losing significance and meaning; the website seems to have successfully achieved this. In terms of balance, there is the feeling of authority behind the content, with gentleness, and a non–emotional,  sensible approach to helping people to tackle a hugely significant, impactful and emotional task. I particularly like the phrasing of the example statements

‘In a strange way it has given me some confidence, and the nudge I need to think about this for myself – and making a potentially difficult time for my children in the future,  much easier, and for my mother and mother in law . These individuals are poles apart in terms of education, attitude, approach and philosophy about their death, but I can see how I can work through the website with them – at this stage, just to help them start their thought processes and conversations with other important people in their lives, family and health care professionals, and  then possibly coming back to it later to action something. Presumably, this is part of the aspirations of the website too?

‘So it was not only nice to meet you, but also educational, supportive and empowering. This is the message I will pass onto others, among my peers and friends who may be at the same stage in life as myself, for whom this site and resources, have the potential to offer support and direction with challenging issues in their worlds too.’

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