Making an Advance Decision

Isky Gordon | 5th February 2018 | Feature post

A retired medical colleague called me up when he heard about the MyLivingWill website. Philip, now aged 83, lived on his own and had been diagnosed with early vascular dementia. Philip was fully conversant with the Mental Capacity Act (2005) and understood the importance of an Advance Decision to refuse treatment, especially as he had no close relatives and  few friends. His request was that he wanted create his own Advance Decision and knew that he needed to protect himself from what he considered would be over-treatment.

Although he had a computer and used email, he had limited computer skills. He logged onto the MyLivingWill website with difficulty and needed help in working his way through the site. We took a break after about 45 minutes to have tea and biscuits before returning to the computer. At the end of 2 hours we called it a day and agreed to meet a week later. He was going to read over the draft Advance Decision so that we could complete it at our next meeting, which is what happened.

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