New knowledge

Isky Gordon | 6th June 2018 | Feature post

Andrew, a retired industrialist was referred to me via his GP. He expressed an interest in planning for his advancing years. While chatting he explained that his 92 year old mother had been fully alert to her last day but that she suffered from severe arthritis and was confined to bed for the last few years of her life. His late mother and the family felt that her last years was more of an existence than a life and he did not want to end his life is such a state.

Andrew believed he was well read and fully informed , but after our half hour meeting expressed his astonishment at his ignorance of the possibilities that the Mental Capacity Act (2005) provided whereby he could have choice and maintain control towards the end of his life should he lose the ability to make his own decisions. I pointed him to the My Living Will website for information on the options available and the means to put his choices into practice.


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